Image capture: the most critical step in making beautiful prints from film.


Two levels of scanning are available: Drum Scanning + Flex Tight (Imacon) Scanning (Virtual Drum Scan)

-ICG 380 Drum Scanning services provides exceptionally high quality scans of film and reflective works up to 11″ x 14″  with resolutions up to 12,000 dpi or a file size of 2GB in 16bit.  We prefer to scan at maximum resolution every time. Why not? Our goal is to make exceptional scans affordable.

RAW scan pricing per piece:

35mm: $125.00, Medium format: $150.00, 4″x5″: $160.00, 8″x10″: $175.00 / bulk and institutional rates available, contact us for quote.

-Flex Tight (Imacon) Scanning (Virtual Drum Scan) services for 35mm to 4 x 5 film

Low resolution scans are for viewing on the computer, web applications or prints 4″ or smaller.  Size: 8 bit RGB, 1 to 5MB TIFF   / $10.00 per scan

Mid resolution scans are used for standard size page prints (8″x10″). Size: 8 bit RGB, 40MB to 60MB TIFF / $30.00 per scan

High Resolution scans are the best option for all present and future uses. Size: 16 bit RGB, 200 MB to 450 MB TIFF. We highly recommend highest res option as it will yield exceptional results for all print sizes and any other image use. We will create a RAW untouched file (basic corrections: color and density correction available upon request). / $45.00 per scan

Our BEST deal: If we will be printing the scan we offer full color corrections and basic re touching (dust, scratches) for $65 each.

Feel free to call or email with description of your project. We are happy to give guidance on best scan for your individual image needs. BULK RATES AVAILABLE

Institutional collections welcome at reduced rates.