File preparation:

Files should be saved as TIFF (tif), or Photoshop (psd), in RGB or Grayscale color mode.

Please make sure there are no layers or alpha channels saved with your image.

Additionally we recommend that files are tagged with Adobe RGB 1998 color space, or ProPhoto RGB.

We suggest an output resolution of above 200 dpi at print size. Recommended: 200 to 300 dpi.

If you need assistance upscaling images let us know.

Please check image files for dust as they will become more visible as image is enlarged.

On color management:

Ideally client files should be edited on a calibrated monitor before submitting a job. Our recommended calibration system is the Xrite Eye-One Display 2 Colorimeter Monitor Profile Solution. Monitors should calibrated on a regular basis.

We currently use Eizo ColorEdge CG246 Monitors.

File submission:

FTP upload is available via Drop Box, We Transfer or any ftp. Please contact us at to request a log in or link and instructions.

We accept CDs, DVDs and drives.  Please email for mailing address.

Proofs, Clients Approval and Final Prints:

For most orders one round of proofs is sufficient (and for many orders proofs are not required).

If a second round is recommended by FIS and client forgoes second round and client accepts proofs or makes requests on color or file changes for finals, final prints presented at the drop off meeting are final. Final prints are not to be considered full size proofs.  Prints are guaranteed to be scratch and ding free upon delivery, however once prints are released to client, framer or mounter, FIS is no longer liable for no charge replacement prints due to damages beyond our control.

On print (paper) size: up to an 1/8 cut tolerance (but not exceeding) should be allowed.