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Sometimes we get to print our own work!

Thank you Jennifer Kahrs over at Shadowbox Shop for this delicious framing on my Edison Light Bulb piece. Cherry stock splined with walnut and glazed with white water museum glass. Paper: Innova FibaPrint Warm Cotton Gloss 335gsm.

This piece is from a body of work I made some years back called Bay 1, Bay 10, Shelf C which represents one shelf of collections storage at the Baltimore Museum of Industry (BMI). I spent a year researching and photographing for this project.  Inside the museum archives I discovered the story of a window display artist who had worked for Baltimore Gas and Electric for over 30 years before donating the collection to the BMI.  The collector had voluntarily salvaged these objects along with hundreds of books documenting the appliances beginning with electric tests circa 1920. My installation Bay 1, Bin 10, Shelf C featured 45 photographs, one vitrine containing a card catalog of over 1300 yellow 3” x 5 “ cards (made by the collector) and a continuous video loop of the card catalog.  One 50” x 30” color photograph (of the actual shelf in the BMI warehouse) titled Bay 1, Bin 10, Shelf C at the entrance of the installation.  This photograph includes the 21 boxes which hold the appliances.  Selections of the work can be seen on my site: Feel free to contact me of you are interested in seeing the entire project.


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Happy to have printed 6 images for Director of Photography Bob Richman for this exhibition. Bob’s images of poolside Morocco will be projected at Underline and you can ask to see prints.

For this project we chose Innova FibaPrint Warm Cotton Gloss 335gsm. A beautiful cotton rag with a slight warmth worked perfectly with Bob’s poolside images.

SOUK explores the interplay between texture, color, and form in a variety of media, from vintage textiles to contemporary painting. Inspired by the bazaars of Morocco, the show seeks to challenge the traditional model of exhibition curation by reconfiguring the gallery into a marketplace of artisanal objects and wares — maintaining the historical significance of the souk as a site of commerce and counterpoint to the present-day art fair. Underline, 238 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011

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“Come Closer” is an exhibition that takes the Bowery as subject, site, and center for creative ingenuity in the 1970s and 1980s. From the NM: Drawing upon the New Museum’s Bowery Artist Tribute archive and the online archive of Marc H. Miller,, this exhibition features original artwork, ephemera, and performance documentation by over fifteen artists who lived and worked on or near the Bowery in New York. We were thrilled to have printed for photographer Harvey Wang. His photographs (printed on Innova Warm Cotton Gloss) of the Bowery and its supporting characters can be seen at the museum from09/19/12 – 01/06/12

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Happy to report that all of the prints we had the pleasure of working on for the Art From the Heart exhibition (July 28th, Gowanus Loft, Brooklyn) have been delivered! We printed for over 24 artists for the show using variety of archival papers. Curator Jennifer Kahrs (Shadowbox Shop) worked closely with many of the individual artists (and FIS) making recommendations on paper and dimension to best suit the work. Guiding artists through paper choices and the right media for their individual work is one of our favorite things to accomplish over here at Fiber Ink Studio. I thought we might share a few of the prints we are so proud of.  All of these prints and many more will be available for viewing and purchasing at the loft on Saturday night.









































Top to bottom:

Adam Williams and on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290 (90% bamboo fibers and 10% cotton) 280gsm (matte), Micha Warren on Bamboo, Fernanda Uribe on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm,

Mariela Sancari on Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art 250 gsm (matte) and Aaron Cohen on Innova FibaPrint Warm Cotton Gloss 335gsm

And two installation shots from untapped (installation photos by Melissa Itzkowitz):

















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