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Select images from the sale. Top to bottom: AMELIA COFFARO, ALICIA VERA, VALERIE CHIANG, HOLLY LYNTON

Project Amelia is an all-volunteer effort organized by friends and family of 28-year-old freelance photographer, Amelia Coffaro. Amelia was diagnosed in February 2013 with Stage 3b Inflammatory Breast Cancer. There is no history of breast cancer in her family and the diagnosis was completely unforeseen.

Like many young, creative professionals, Amelia is currently uninsured, though she had applied for insurance just prior to receiving her diagnosis and continues to try and be approved for coverage. Because of the aggressive nature of her cancer, however, doctors insisted she begin treatment right away. On February 14, 2013, Valentine’s Day, Amelia began chemotherapy. She is currently scheduled for a total of 80 weeks of chemo in addition to various other prescribed procedures including radiation, surgery, and drug therapy.

Project Amelia is thrilled to announce that beginning today, photographs (donated by an exceptional group of award-winning artists) will be made available to donors who give $125 or more. With this donation (amount includes shipping and handling), you will receive an 11″ x 14″* pigment print on exhibition fiber paper printed with archival HDR inks. The photographs are part of an edition of 10, printed for Project Amelia. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity and will be printed by us at Fiber Ink Studio.

Visit our GiveForward site at between the hours of 10am and 11:59pm EST Monday through Saturday, beginning today, July 1st. Each day, you will see which artist’s work is available. If you would like that print, please make your donation and make a note with the artist’s name. Please MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL so that we can contact you for shipping information. Only 10 prints will be available, so be sure to make your donation early on, as we anticipate them going quickly. Once we have ‘sold out’, we will put up a notice on our GiveForward site and via our Facebook and Twitter (@projectamelia), so stay tuned. For the complete list of artists, please visit:

And, as always, all of the funds will be going to help off-set the costs of Amelia’s medical bills.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or




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Project Amelia

Posted 02/22/13






We are super excited to be a part of Project Amelia.

Thanks to Resource Magazine:

Two weeks ago, twenty-eight year old, Brooklyn-based photographer Amelia Coffaro was diagnosed with stage III inflammatory breast cancer.  Starting her chemotherapy on Valentine’s Day, Coffaro and her family faced another daunting challenge as the realization that she had no health insurance set in.  Coffaro, who is described by (Stephen) Mallon to be a “loving, caring, talented young photographer,” has “spent a great deal of time taking care of the photography community and volunteering for numerous humanitarian projects. Project Amelia was formed by many of the same professionals and friends that she has helped, interned with, and volunteered for in the past.” When the group found out the shocking news of Coffaro’s diagnosis and financial situation, Mallon says they immediately thought, “We got to get on this.” The project was launched on the same day as her first chemotherapy treatment.

Our co sponsors (so far) are  Shadowbox Shop, B&H  and Project Amelia has already raised $22,000 in a little over a week, and we aim to reach $100,000 by May 1st.

To get more information and updates on Project Amelia, click here for Project Amelia’s Facebook page and here for Project Amelia’s twitter page.

To make a donation, please visit Give Forward.

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